2024 Best Meeting Room in London

  • Entrants will be given 1,000 words in which to persuade the judges that their entry should win this particular award category. You may also attach up to 3 pieces of supporting information.

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    Judges will be looking for innovation, expertise and success in all areas including the following:
    • First class facilities in keeping with what is demanded by the customer
    • Flexible services which allow the client to adapt the format of their events and encourage networking
    • Modern equipment and technology within the venue
    • Excellent customer service and support prior to the event taking place as well as during the event
    • Competitive pricing and value for money
    • Outstanding catering for delegates
    All fields are required
  • Background information

  • Size of Venue: please specify the capacity of your venue in the following layouts (where appropriate)
  • Names and job titles of key staff involved at the venue

  • Name and contact details of person submitting entry

  • Submission

  • In case of technical difficulties entrants are advised to save a version of their core entry in word prior to submitting their entry.

    Entrants have a maximum of 1,000 words in which to convince the judges that they are worthy of winning this award. 3 files of supporting material of no more than 4 pages each can also be included. Video footage can be also submitted but should be sent as a link within the main body of the entry and should be no more than 2 minutes in length. Please include any information which will persuade the judges that this should be the winning entry for this category. Suggestions as to what could be covered are listed below.
    • Give some background to the venue including how long it has been in existence and a summary of any recent renovations.
    • Give details on the types of organisations who use the venue for their events and any particular long standing clients.
    • Describe why you feel your venue is particularly stylish and attractive for the clients you work with. What are the advantages of holding events at your venue as opposed to one of your competitors.
    • Describe how you worked with your clients to ensure the facilities meet their needs and any technology requirements.
    • Outline your approach to customer service and give examples of where you have excelled.
    • Give insight into how you have offered excellence in your catering service.
    • Outline your success in terms of attracting new clients to the venue and achieving high customer retention. Describe any particularly effective sales & marketing initiatives which have contributed to this success.
    • Give any other information regarding the venue which you think would help convince the judges that you should win this award. What makes your venue effortlessly stylish? In what ways have you been particularly innovative?
  • Shortlisted Summary

  • In the event of your submission being shortlisted we will publish a 200 word summary of your submission on our website. Please write the summary below keeping in mind that any results or other sensitive information may end up in the public domain. Please also supply your company / venue logo below. (Max 200 WORDS)
  • Max. file size: 10 MB.
  • If files are larger than 10MB please email to louisa@globalconferencenetwork.co.uk
  • Supporting Material

  • Please attach any relevant support material  - testimonials, research, performance analysis, collateral, screen grabs, pictures etc. Entrants may attach up to 3 files of supporting material of no more than 4 pages each. Attached files must be no larger than 10MB each, documents must be in .pdf or .doc (word) format, images must be in .jpg or .gif format. If you wish to send any files larger than 10MB please email them directly to louisa@globalconferencenetwork.co.uk
  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, jpg, gif, Max. file size: 10 MB.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, jpg, gif, Max. file size: 10 MB.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, jpg, gif, Max. file size: 10 MB.
  • Payment

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